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Sda hymnal 89 Let All on Earth Their Voices Raise

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Let All on Earth Their Voices Raise
Verse 1:
Let all on earth their voices raise,
To sing the great Jehovah’s praise,
And bless His holy name:
His glory let the people know,
His wonders to the nations show,
His saving grace proclaim.

Verse 2:
He framed the globe; He built the sky;
He made the shining worlds on high,
And reigns in glory there:
His beams are majesty and light;
His beauties, how divinely bright!
His dwelling place, how fair!

Verse 3:
Come, the great day, the glorious hour,
When earth shall feel His saving power,
All nations fear His name;
Then shall the race of men confess
The beauty of His holiness,
His saving grace proclaim.

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