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Sda hymnal 57 Now All the Woods Are Sleeping

sda hymnal  now all the woods

Verse 1:

Now all the woods are sleeping,
And night and stillness creeping
O’er city, man, and beast;
But thou, my heart, awake thee,
To pray’r awhile betake thee,
And praise thy Maker ere thou rest.

Verse 2:

My Jesus, stay Thou by me,
And let no foe come nigh me,
Safe sheltered by Thy wing;
But would the foe alarm me,
O let him never harm me,
But still Thine angels round me sing!

Verse 3:

My loved ones, rest securely,
From every peril surely
Our God will guard your heads;
And happy slumbers send you,
And bids His hosts attend you,
And golden-armed watch o’er your beds.

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