Home Sda Hymnal SDA HYMNAL 497 – O Gracious Father of Mankind

SDA HYMNAL 497 – O Gracious Father of Mankind


Verse 1

O gracious Father of mankind,
Our spirits’ unseen friend;
High heaven’s Lord, our hearts’ dear guest,
To Thee our prayers ascend.
Verse 2

Thou hearest these, the good and ill,
Deep buried in each breast;
The secret thought, the hidden plan,
Wrought out our unexpressed.
Verse 3

Our best is but Thyself in us,
Our highest thought Thy will;
To hear Thy voice we need but love,
And listen, and be still.
Verse 4

Thou seekest us in love and truth
More than our minds seek Thee;
Through open gates Thy power flows in
Like flood tides from the sea.


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