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SDA HYMNAL 452 – What Heavenly Music

sda hymnal  what heavenly mus

SDA HYMNAL 452 – What Heavenly Music

What heavenly music steals over the sea!
Entrancing the senses like sweet melody!
‘Tis the voice of the angels borne soft on the air;
For me they are singing; their welcome I hear.

On the banks of old Jordan, here gazing I stand,
And earnestly longing, I stretch forth my hand;
Send a convoy of angels, dear Jesus, I pray!
Let me join that sweet music; come, take me away.

Though dark are the waters and rough is the wave,
If Jesus permit, the wild surges I’ll brave;
For that heavenly music hath ravished me so,
I must join in that chorus! I’ll go! let me go!


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