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sda hymnal 10 Come Christians Join to Sing

sda hymnal  come christians jo

Verse 1:
    Come, Christians, join to sing,
    Al-le-lu-ia! A-men!
    Loud praise to Christ our King;
    Al-le-lu-ia! A-men!
    Let all, with heart and voice,
    Before His throne rejoice;
    Praise is His gracious choice:
    Al-le-lu-ia! A-men!

Verse 2:
    Come, lift your hearts on high;
    Al-le-lu-ia! A-men!
    Let praises fill the sky;
    Al-le-lu-ia! A-men!
    He is our Guide and Friend;
    To us He’ll condescend;
    His love shall never end:
    Al-le-lu-ia! A-men!
Verse 3:
    Praise yet our Christ again;
    Al-le-lu-ia! A-men!
    Life shall not end the strain;
    Al-le-lu-ia! A-men!
    On heaven’s blissful shore
    His goodness we’ll adore,
    Singing forevermore,
    Al-le-lu-ia! A-men!

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